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Contemporary Fröbel Building Game
€ 146,22

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"Play is the highest expression of human development.” Friedrich Fröbel

Dear Customer,

In 2020, SINA Spielzeug will be 29 years old.

We achieved this with your help and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would also like to thank all those who, for more than a quarter of a century, have supported us in different ways and trusted in the hand-made objects created by skilled wooden toymakers in our workshop in Neuhausen/Erzgebirge.

SINA has a strong regional identity. Our team members are down-to-earth people who grew up in the Erzgebirge and are drawn to wood as a natural material. And they’re the ones who infuse playfulness, happiness and wholeheartedness into SINA Spielzeug’s soul.

However, through the invention of exciting and imaginative toys, interesting connections have also emerged with renowned designers in Germany and abroad.

SINA draws additional inspiration from another source, namely its connection with Friedrich Fröbel, the founder of the first kindergarten, and his Gifts. Thanks to Fröbel’s work, the original sphere, cylinder and cube have long been a symbol of children’s play. Since then, toy designers and manufacturers – and even prominent architects – from around the world have used these shapes in their work. Based on the sphere, cylinder, cube and their parts, SINA makes building blocks, wooden tiles and a range of other small toys and games that help playful children grasp the world around them – by building, experimenting, ordering, categorising or slotting things together.

Classic and modern toys that spark creativity and imagination during free play are also available for little boys and girls in kindergarten and nursery school.

Today, SINA toys connect us with people all over the world. With our lovingly made wooden toys and games, we hope you’ll be inspired to continue playing with us – or perhaps to try our toys for the very first time.
We can’t wait to play with you!

Barbara Seidler
Managing Director
SINA Spielzeug GmbH

New Products For October
Contemporary Fröbel Building Game
€ 146,22

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Wall-mounted Game with Rotating Wooden Discs
€ 114,05

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Wall-mounted Ball Vortex
€ 109,18

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Wall-mounted Game with Treasure Chest and Padlocks
€ 218,35

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
€ 23,39

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Strings, thick
€ 5,85

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
€ 91,63

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Gemstone Memo Game - Summer
€ 110,15

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Gemstone Laying Game
€ 142,81

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Fröbel Family Games Calendar
€ 11,78

[incl. 5% Tax excl. Shipping]
Gabe 6 for Nurseries
€ 94,55

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]
Gabe 5 for Nurseries
€ 94,55

[incl. 16% Tax excl. Shipping]

 Upcoming Products   Date Expected 
 Big Wall Ball Runs   10/30/2020 
 Ball Table, Small and Low Edition   10/30/2020 
 Parcuro   10/30/2020 
 Guardian Angel Sky Blue   10/30/2020 
 Range of Playing Gifts, 17 Boxes   10/30/2020 
 Gabe 10   10/30/2020 
 Wooden Tablets "Dots" Assortment   10/30/2020 
 Building Set with Columns   10/30/2020 
 QUO Basic Building Set, Small   10/30/2020 
 QUO Basic Building Set, Large   10/30/2020 
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01.Mini-Ball Game
02.Musical Building Blocks
03.Lozenge, 24 Pieces
04.Mix-and-Match Puzzle
05.Gabe 3
06.Square 25 mm, 24 Pieces
07.Triangle 3, 24 Pieces
08.Circle 25 mm, 24 Pieces
09.Gabe 4
10.Triangle 2, 24. Pieces
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